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Type Of Disc Brakes
Aug 09, 2017

              Disc brakes. Disc brake disc brake friction pair in the rotating element is the end of the metal disc work, known as the brake disc. Its fixed components have a variety of structural types, in general, can be divided into two categories. One kind is the work area small friction block and its metal back board brake block, each brake has $number. These brake blocks and their actuators are mounted in clamp-shaped brackets across the sides of the brake disc, always known as the brake caliper. The brakes, which are made up of brake discs and brake tongs, are called caliper-disc brakes.Disc Brake

              Another type of fixed elements of the metal backplane and friction plate is also disc-shaped, brake disc all the face can be at the same time contact with the friction plate, this type of brake is called the overall brake. Caliper-disc brakes used to be used only as central brakes, but are increasingly being used as wheel brakes at all levels of cars and trucks. Only a few cars (mainly heavy vehicles) are used as wheel brakes. Here only the Caliper disc brakes are introduced. Caliper disc brakes can be divided into fixed clamp disc type and floating clamp disc type two types.Disc Brake

             Fixed caliper disc brakes. The brake clamp 5 fixed on the brake disc 1 is mounted on the axle 6 and cannot be rotated or moved along the axis of the brake disc, with two Pistons 2 located on each side of the brake disc 1. braking, brake fluid by the total brake pump (brake main cylinder) through the inlet port 4 into the clamp in two interlinked hydraulic cavity, the two sides of the brake block 3 pressure to the wheel fixed connection with the brake disc 1, resulting in braking.Disc Brake