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The Solution To The Lack Of Power For Disc Brake
Sep 29, 2017

The brake is an important component of the motorcycle and has a direct impact on the safety performance of the motorcycle. The disc brake has the advantages of excellent braking stability, compact structure, easy maintenance and so on.Disc Brake

widely used. But as consumer NVH performance requirements for motorcycles continue to increase, brake brakes of disc brakes more and more attention. Therefore, in the development and design stage of the rational design of the brake and related components to solve the problem of brake screaming, NVH performance for improving the product has important significance.Relaxation mechanism, friction - velocity negative slope mechanism, modal merging mechanism In the process of braking screaming, the researchers found that using a certain theory alone can not explain the phenomenon of brake screaming,

Therefore, in view of the complexity of the brake mechanism of the disc brake, the appropriate theory should be used to analyze the brake screaming according to the practical problem. In the friction of the friction of the friction of a negative negative slope theory Disc Brake Based on the analysis, the screaming problem of brake brakes of a domestic motorcycle is taken as an example, the mechanism of brake screaming is analyzed, and the structural improvement scheme of screaming is predicted and predicted by finite element software.Disc Brake Effectively solve the problem of brake screaming.Disc Brake

Disc brakes in the use of the process, there is insufficient braking force, braking noise and other phenomena, affecting the use, we need to find the cause of failure and solution, quickly remove the fault on the machine Disc Brake

ring. Disc brake brake force solution: change the brake pad material can be replaced with a slightly soft brake lining material, so that the friction coefficient is relatively improved, the braking force becomes larger. Remove the brake pads

In the case of foreign matter, if the brake pads of the chip flute is covered by foreign body, the brake will be discharged from the dust, scraping the role of water, so that the braking force.Disc Brake