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The Relative Introduction Of Disc Brake
Sep 09, 2017

     Not every time the brake shoe is replaced, it needs to be polished. It is only when the rotor is deformed or badly scratched that it needs to be polished again. In fact, unnecessary grinding of the rotor will shorten its lifespan. Because this process will grind off the material, the brake rotor will become thinner each time it is polished. All brake rotors have a minimum allowable thickness specification, which requires a replacement of the brake rotor after reaching the minimum thickness. This specification is provided in the manual for each car.Disc Brake
     Air pressure disc brakes the ADB (Air disc brake) was first introduced in the mid 1990s and can be widely used in medium and heavy vehicles. It has many advantages over drum brakes, such as simple structure, light weight, small braking noise, fast cooling, small braking clearance and simple maintenance. ADB is now developing rapidly in Europe, with more than 50% trailers installed, and some countries have enacted regulations to install them on buses.Disc Brake
     As an active safety part of the car, the ADB needs to provide sufficient braking torque. With the increase of the load tonnage of the truck, the requirements of the ADB braking torque are increasing. ADB has begun to apply in China, the domestic ADB can provide the braking torque under 16,000 N·m, can not meet the braking requirements of more than 13t truck. At present, the foreign applicable to 22.5-inch wheels more advanced product braking torque is generally in the 22,000 N·m around, our company by the domestic brake manufacturers commissioned to improve the ADB products, in order to increase its braking force moment.Disc Brake
     In the relative motion of the friction pair, mutual cutting resistance of the apex of the micro-convex body in both sides; under certain compressive stress and local high temperature condition, the contact point of the friction pair micro-convex body is instantaneous cold welding, because of the relative motion, the local high-temperature bonding points are separated, and the resistance of the bonding of the joints is formed as part Disc Brake
      The abrasion in the friction surface is in the process of accompanying the friction movement, on the one hand, it is possible to re-enter the friction surface and form a new micro-convex peak to produce the cutting resistance; on the other hand, the friction surface of the abrasive particles in the sliding and rotating form of the movement process, the constant friction on the surface of the production of cutting also constitutes a part of friction. The formation and fracture of friction interfacial bonding have great influence on friction.Disc Brake