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The Importance Of Battery Maintenance For Lithium Electric Scooters
Aug 24, 2017

      For the consumer, the electric scooter is a novelty thing, for its daily maintenance, many people do not understand, in fact, the late maintenance of the skateboard car performance and life have played a vital role. And the late maintenance of the scooter is mainly for lithium batteries, how to correctly and safely use the smart scooter battery has become a compulsory course for consumers. Today we will say the correct use of electric scooter batteries.Lithium Electric Scooters
      1, do not change the charger casually. Each electric scooter manufacturer to the charger generally have personalized demand, in the uncertain time do not change the charger at will. If the mileage requirement is longer, it must be equipped with multiple chargers for offsite charging, supplemented by additional chargers during the day, and the original charger is used at night. Remove the speed limit of the controller, although it can improve the speed of some cars, but in addition to reducing the safety of the car, but also reduce the battery life.Lithium Electric Scooters
      2. Protect the Charger well. Instructions on the use of the above are the protection of the charger, just a lot of users do not read the habit of the manual, often out of the question to find instructions to see, it is very undesirable. Some businesses in order to reduce costs, equipped with a charger is not to do high vibration design, this type of charger after vibration, its internal potentiometer will drift, so that the entire parameter drift, resulting in a charging state is not normal. It is recommended that you do not usually put the charger in the trunk and basket of the electric bicycle. In special cases must be moved, the charger should also be packaged with foam plastic, to prevent the vibration of the bumps. In addition, when charging to keep the charger's ventilation, otherwise not only affect the life of the charger, but also may occur heat drift to affect the charging state, damage to the battery. Therefore, we usually have to do the main charger protection.Lithium Electric Scooters
      3. Charge every day. Even if your ability to renew the requirements is not long, rechargeable electricity can be used for 2-3 days, but it is recommended that you charge every day, this will make the battery in a shallow cycle state, to extend the battery life.Lithium Electric Scooters
      4, timely charge. Electric scooter Battery Discharge began after the vulcanization process, in 12 hours, the emergence of obvious vulcanization. Timely charge, can clear the not serious vulcanization, if not timely charge, these curing crystallization will accumulate and gradually form coarse crystallization, the general charger for these coarse crystallization is powerless, will gradually form a decline in battery capacity, shorten the battery life. Therefore, in addition to the daily charge, but also note that after the use of the early charge, as far as possible to keep the battery full state.Lithium Electric Scooters
     5, regular deep discharge. A regular deep discharge of the battery is also beneficial to "activating" the battery, which can slightly increase the battery capacity. The general method is to periodically perform a full discharge on the battery. The method of complete discharge is to cycle to the first undervoltage protection under the condition of normal load of the flat road. After complete discharge, fully charge the battery, will feel the battery capacity has improved.Lithium Electric Scooters
     6, nurturance the good habit of saving electricity. Use glide as much as possible. As soon as the traffic lights are about to enter the taxi, to minimize the brakes. A friend told me that he would prefer to go to the bay to reduce the brake a times, which is reasonable, when starting, it is best to join the ride to help, not only to improve the start-up speed, but also to reduce the battery loss of electricity and life damage.Lithium Electric Scooters