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The Dismantling Process Of Gasoline Scooter
May 31, 2017

Although the boys are generally interested in the car, but are for the car's appearance, performance, brand, history, and for the specific composition of the car, the principle can basically Said it was ignorant. In the junior high school physics textbooks, once a brief introduction to the 2-stroke engine and 4-stroke engine, but for us, the engine is known that the greater the displacement of the greater the horsepower, and the engine is burning oil. Because of this curious psychology, in the choice of optional comprehensive experiment, I chose the petrol scooter disassembly, although only two wheels, but also has a complete engine system, for us, is also a huge challenge. In the actual disassembly process, we encountered the first question is how to remove the car leader. Because it is a scooter, so the shape and the bike or some similar. Although we are riding a bike every day, but the real problem is still more trouble. Finally, in the other group of students with the help of the demolition of the leading success. In the demolition of the project, we in order to wait for the last time to install the convenience, not chaos, each part, the screws are arranged in order, on the table. The second difficulty is the petrol scooter's box. Our dismantled petrol scooter is a two-stroke horizontal bar engine, and the cabinet parts are very rugged. Due to the ruggedness of the factory installation and the problem of our own method, the screw of the fixed engine case has failed, and if it is not opened, the core part of the engine can not be seen. Later, we thought of using the drilling machine to drill the screws, but the feasibility is not high, and will damage the box. And later decided to use the milling machine first screw the end of the milling off, and then use other methods to box to spend a lot of effort to complete. I am responsible for the part of the clutch and gearbox, so in the disassembly when the focus on these two parts. Since the structure of the petrol scooter is relatively simple, there is no gearbox section. Although it is said that in the car when the shift to first step on the clutch, know that the gasoline scooter is a great role in the entire power transmission section of a structure, but never actually seen, so the beginning of a disassembly made a mistake, Talking about the engine front start mechanism as a clutch, and later confirmed that the structure is used to prevent the reverse, the clutch should be installed in the engine output. The scooter used by the clutch for the friction, with a simple structure, cheap, easy processing advantages. In the quiescent state, due to the role of two pieces of friction between the spring, friction plate close together, not connected with the outside world, this time the engine power can not continue to pass down. When the engine speed reaches a certain standard, the spring of the gasoline scooter spring can not keep the friction plate closed state, connected with the external parts, began to pass power. The main application on the car is that when it starts will not start immediately,

There is a buffer for a while to ensure safety and reduce the impact on the engine. Although this test is very short, but let me learn a lot. Not only in the professional knowledge, a complete mechanical products on the disassembly, understanding of the principle, hands-on; but also let us think, the role of various structures, principles, thinking about how to solve the problem. Grant the fish as a grant to the fishing, the method is the most important.