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The Cause Of The EPA Engine Fault Light
Jul 05, 2017

         EPA United State and local governments issue a range of commercial and industrial licences. EPA certification EPA's main aim is to protect people's health and protect the environment--air, water and land--the environment in which we live. More than 30 years after its inception, the EPA has been working to create a clean and healthy environment for all Americans. The EPA is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with 10 local offices and dozens of laboratories. There are 18,000 employees across the United States. More than half of them are engineers, scientists and policy analysts. Responsible for the establishment of national standards for many environmental projects, monitoring the implementation of mandatory standards and compliance with the situation.EPA Engine

         Engine fault light is a problem that every owner can not ignore, which is directly related to engine life and driving safety. The engine failure light is usually due to the following several reasons.EPA Engine

         Poor quality of gasoline, substandard: it is estimated that most of the car owners have this experience, the car after adding oil soon, the automobile dashboard lit up the engine fault lights; This is generally because at irregular gas stations with poor quality gasoline, resulting in engine work when the gas mixture combustion is not sufficient, the engine fault lights. This will not affect the safety of driving, but more or less will cause damage to the engine.

        Oxygen sensor Failure: Now there are two oxygen sensors installed on the car, each of the three-dimensional catalytic converters. The function of the former oxygen sensor is to detect the air-fuel ratio of the engine under different operating conditions, and the ECU computer adjusts the fuel injection quantity and calculates the ignition time according to the signal. The rear is mainly to detect the work of ternary catalytic converters good or bad! So if the oxygen sensor is damaged or the sensor plug is damaged and loose, it will cause the mixed gas to be too dilute or too thick, thus causing the fault light to light up. In fact, the oxygen sensor is a fairly durable part, as long as the fuel quality clearance, it can use 3 years or more time. So the new car fault lights, may wish to check the oxygen sensor plug is loose.EPA Engine

         Air flow sensor failure: Air flow sensor is also known as Air flowmeter, it detects the amount of air inhaled into electrical signals transferred to ECU, according to the best air-fuel ratio, indirectly let the ECU decide how much fuel injection. If the air flow sensor or line failure, the ECU will not get the correct intake signal, it can not carry out normal fuel volume control, resulting in mixed gas too dilute or too thick, the engine can not work properly. Although the air flow sensor does not cause the engine to be unable to start, but such as idling instability, acceleration, air intake and exhaust pipes, such as black smoke is very likely.EPA Engine