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Technology Improvement Of Off Road Electric Scooters
Aug 09, 2017

          Electric scooter technology to improve 1, by the previous single shock absorption after the double shock, so that the ride up more comfortable rest assured that 2, the battery can be easily disassembled, convenient for some because the car heavy upstairs cumbersome; 3, increased car seat and handlebar distance, even 1.9-meter of the height of the row will no longer feel the legs crowded 4, the motor add heat sink, more beautiful than before, while the stability of the motor and the service life is increased by 5, most of the electric scooter using lithium battery folding, high 1.2M, Wide 14cm, Long 1M folding 25cm*14cm*1m, life 30 kilometers, weighing 29 kg, can be easily on the bus, subway, EMU waiting.

          The 2014 China (Sanya) poker Tournament and World Poker Tour China (hereinafter referred to as WPT China) will continue to heat up on October 27, 2014 in Sanya, the organizers came to the news that the competition will again introduce High-tech products-American coolpeds electric scooter, 2014WPT event staff will drive Coolpeds City Transport, to provide more efficient and quality services. The joint poker World Girl will also drive this innovative means of transport to and from the scene, with the contestants to feel the new "science and Technology traffic", in addition to October 27: $number, Coolpeds will bring a title additional match, for the 2014WPT add more wonderful.Off Road Electric Scooters

          The appearance is very stylish, very small, is to take the bus also no problem, if you stroll around or go outside to play is a very good small leisure transport, mainly carry is very convenient. The electric scooter has good performance.Off Road Electric Scooters