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Points For Attention In Selecting Electric Scooters
Aug 24, 2017

    The market on the electric scooter more and more, the price of more and more people, but for the vast number of unknown to eat melon audience, how to choose a suitable for their own electric scooter is more difficult. In this to provide you with a selection of electric scooter some suggestions to prevent everyone accidentally into the pit.Electric Scooters
    I. Choose according to your own needs. Electric scooter belongs to the small means of transport, but also has its own limitations, the current market on the majority of the scooter publicity lightweight, portable, but the real realization of not much. The pursuit of the extreme of any function means a compromise of another function. If you pursue a higher life, which means that the battery capacity is large, the weight of the vehicle will certainly not be light. If you pursue portability, it means that the body will be as small as possible and the comfort of the ride will not be so high. So, before you buy a scooter, first understand their use, is the need for lightweight portable products, or need to ride a comfortable product, or need to look different products. Please keep in mind that no a products are light, comfortable and far away.Electric Scooters
    Two. How much is the mileage more appropriate? High-life is a point of business promotion, especially on-line publicity more dazzling. First we need to see how big the battery is. Then we figure out its theoretical endurance. 36v1ah ca. 3km, 48v1ah ca. 4km, 52v1ah about 4.5km, 60v1ah about 5km (only for reference in the best battery quality industry estimate 80% Quasi, does not represent the actual.) Weight, temperature, wind speed, air pressure, road conditions, cycling habits will affect the life. As an ordinary consumer, I recommend buying miles around 30km, the mainstream electric scooters are all in this range. Prices will be moderate, but also to meet the needs of short distance travel.Electric Scooters
    Third, how much weight is convenient? Lightweight is also an electric scooter to attract everyone to try to buy a reason, it is a mini body, can enter the elevator, into the subway, on the bus, can do carry. This is also related to the specific use of the scene. If you need to take the subway and get on the bus, the car will be smaller in size and less than 15kg in weight. More than 15kg, it is more laborious to carry, after all, many subway is not full elevator escort. It's certainly not an easy thing to do if you want to be on the 5 floor in one breath. If you have your own private car, mainly in the trunk, occasionally into the subway and so on, then the car weight within 20kg is also acceptable. If the weight goes up again, it's not in the portable range.Electric Scooters
    Four, how large the motor to meet the climbing? Usually the power of the electric scooter is in the 240w-600w about, the specific climbing ability, in addition to the motor power, voltage is also related. Under the same circumstances, 24v240w climbing strength is not 36v350w climbing. So if you usually travel the road slope more than the proposed voltage of 36V above, motor power over 350w. If you need to climb the slope of the underground garage, then it is better to choose 48v500w above, so that the motor can also play a better protection. However, in the actual ride, there are many people will reflect the car's climbing ability is not advertised so good, it is loaded with weight has a certain relationship.Electric Scooters