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Personal Evaluation Of Gasoline Scooters
Jun 15, 2017

   At that time in 2008, see the road was riding a mini motorcycle, skateboard look, I am very interested in, so the Internet to search, found on Taobao a lot, the price is not expensive, decided to buy one to see a seller in Shanghai Mini motorcycle feel good, and he passed the phone, the price of less than a thousand, than those five or six hundred gasoline scooters good quality point. Decided to take a train from Hangzhou to his shop in Shanghai to buy a car, in 2008 when the online shopping do not understand, do not trust, even Taobao account are not. 1:30 pm to get on the train, two hours arrived in Shanghai, the seller called me to call a few number of subway lines, finally found his shop, see the kind, feeling pretty good, two-stroke petrol scooter, 33cc, the sound is loud, because there is no silencer. So the money to buy a car, the seller said I came to Shanghai is not easy to send me a bottle of two red oil, he said to help me pack and then checked back with the train, then has six o'clock in the afternoon, and I suddenly whim, decided to ride Mini motorcycle ride back to Hangzhou.Gasoline Scooters

   To tell the truth this mini motorcycle is the first motorcycle I ride, just ride very happy, frantically in Shanghai, and later found in Shanghai lost, so bought a map of Shanghai, facing the map from Pudong ride Huangpu River ferry, and then take the ferry to Puxi, then riding a mini motorcycle on the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, in Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street attracted a lot of attention, because the sound too loud. Facing the map finally crossed the Shanghai area, found the 320 national highway, began the petrol scooter long-distance motorcycle, and then has 11 o'clock at night, in Shanghai, the city turned more than four hours. In the Shanghai area does not think this mini motorcycle slow, to the national road was found that the speed is really too slow, 33CC two-stroke motorcycle, the acceleration is very fierce, but the speed will be 40 yards, the general cruise also 27,28 yards Speed, and electric cars almost no way ah, on the 30 yards long this machine to pull the cylinder. Midnight through Qibao, Songjiang and other places, Shanghai is too big, until dawn came to Shanghai and Zhejiang to the ground. Missing along the way. The fuel tank is only one liter, and the two-stroke engine fuel consumption is great, each time the fuel plus two red oil, trouble ah. Morning to Jiaxing, it is too sleepy, lying on the car to sleep. Wake up after the regret, why do not train checked, ah, this motorcycle is also too hard, and the speed is too slow all the way 30 yards are not, but also rest, an hour can only ride a little way. 8 pm in Shanghai Nanjing Road, riding a night train, the next day at nine o'clock to Jiaxing. Regret too late, can only then ride, riding a car is broken, will not move (not pull the cylinder), the new car actually bad ah, find a roadside repair motor, spent 20 yuan repair The quality of this car is too bad, and ride long distance comfort is also very poor. And finally the car into the Hangzhou city, and then has five o'clock in the afternoon, and my heart that excited ah, a unique sense of accomplishment. I actually riding a petrol scooter truck ride from Shanghai to Hangzhou, and I would like to have a few of the country it Gasoline Scooters

   I was personally experienced petrol scooter ride long distance, it is recommended that other Mo Friends do not follow me, too slow, too bitter, too noisy, poor quality, fuel consumption is too large (33CC two scooters fuel consumption and 125 pedal almost ), This car is only suitable for home play, not suitable for long distance ride.Gasoline Scooters