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Performance Of Electric Scooters
Sep 29, 2017

Electric balance car, also known as body car, thinking car, photo car and so on. There are two types of rounds and two rounds in the market. In recent years, there have been many sensory cars on the market, such as electric wheelbarrows, electric twists and turns cars, laptops, electric scooters and electric four-wheel scooters. During this period, the joint intelligence has developed V1, V2, V3, V5 and other models of controllers and some scooter drive control solutions, has successfully solved a large number of problems, some control panels have been a large number of domestic and foreign balance vehicles Applicants apply. And the moving people are also trying to build more cost-effective, safe and stable drive controller.Electric Scooters

Function definition and performance indicators 36V-67V voltage can work; expand the module more; stable uninterruptible power; already mass production of products; program advantages: the accumulation of intelligent accumulation of years of electronic control board technology. Turn not bow, the maximum speed of 35km / h. High speed, heavy load, but no heat, no electricity, no rocker. There is a battery monitoring function, in the long slope, steep slope, high speed, heavy use, when beyond the battery load range, the body will be slightly jitter, to remind the driver to get off early. The use of flexible precision control technology, braking, acceleration are buffered, pedal and human sync tilt without losing stability, improve the rapid acceleration and the safety of the brakes.Electric Scooters

Multi-wheel skateboard, belonging to the technical field of skateboard. Comprising a panel, characterized in that the bottom surface of the panel is connected with two bending axes which are inclined in opposite or opposite directions, and a set of pulleys are respectively arranged on the bending axis. The above-mentioned multi-wheel skateboard, the idea is novel, the structure is simple and reasonable, through the curvature of the bending axis and the angle between the angle formed by the angle between the bending axis and the panel to adjust the turning angle, and the pulley position is fixedly arranged so as to achieve flexible steering, After the purpose will not be partial run.Electric Scooters

The advantages of multi-wheel skateboard: to enhance the arm, legs, waist, abdominal muscle strength and the flexibility of the joints, to improve the balance of ability to have a very good effect. Compared with the calorie consumption of calories, but the body's physical consumption less, improve the child's attention, can effectively lose weight, especially the lower limbs.Electric Scooters