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On-site Overhaul Of Disc Brake
Nov 03, 2017

The use of Caliper disc brakes is frequent and the working environment is bad, which will lead to aging, rusting, abrasion and leakage of the piston and seals in the brake caliper. Therefore, the brakes must be checked frequently to replace the worn seals to prevent accidents caused by the failure of the braking system.Disc Brake

In the field of maintenance, in the replacement of pistons and seals how to remove the serious corrosion of the pistons, there is no ideal way, often using high-pressure air ejection or knock vibration and other methods. However, the method of tapping the piston can easily destroy the machining surface of the inner and outer clamp, make it potholes, increase the roughness and decrease the flatness, and affect the assembly quality during the repair.Disc Brake 

In order to remove the serious corrosion of the piston smoothly, we produced a convenient to carry, multi-functional removal of the piston of the simple tooling, the user can according to different types of clamp piston internal diameter of the corresponding replacement of different imported screw, you can easily remove the piston, easy to use, reliable.Disc Brake

At this time, with a spanner to rotate the top six sides of the cone head, so that its front cone head open with a return spring hoop tight on the imported screw sleeve of the 3 fastening of the cone-shaped column, and afterburner to tighten it up in the clamp piston inner groove.Disc Brake 

Then, with a spanner stuck to the top six sides of the cone screw sleeve, rotate the bolt into the head, as the fastening cone column and the piston inner groove has been jammed, so that the cone screw sleeve will have become one of the import screw sleeve and the pistons pull together, and then with a wrench to loosen the cone head screw, 3 of the Fastening Cone column back to the original position, remove the piston can be.Disc Brake 

Disc brakes are widely used in the front and rear wheels of the car, which can make the car have a high directional stability during braking. But when the car is not in the front wheel brake, first should check whether the disc brakes have problems. To repair the disc brakes, you need to know the working principle.Disc Brake