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New Development Of Polymer For Lithium Electric Scooters
Nov 03, 2017

The polymer lithium ion battery is developed on the basis of liquid lithium ion battery, with conductive material as cathode, carbon material as cathode, electrolyte using solid state or gel organic conductive film, and using aluminum plastic film as the newest generation rechargeable lithium ion battery. Because of the more stable performance, it is also considered as a liquid lithium-ion battery replacement products. Many companies are developing this new type of battery.Lithium Electric Scooters

Power Lithium-ion battery: Strictly speaking, the power lithium-ion battery refers to the capacity of lithium-ion batteries above 3AH, then refers to the device, equipment, models, vehicles and other driving lithium-ion batteries, due to the use of different objects, the battery capacity may not reach the unit AH level. Power Lithium-ion batteries are divided into two types of high capacity and high power.Lithium Electric Scooters 

High-capacity batteries can be used in electric tools, bicycles, scooters, Miner's lamp, medical devices, etc. high power batteries are mainly used in hybrid cars and other occasions where large current charging and discharging is required. According to the different internal materials, power lithium-ion battery is divided into liquid power lithium-ion battery and polymer-ion power battery, which is called Power lithium-ion battery.Lithium Electric Scooters

Some studies are aimed at reducing the risk of battery fire because of the potential for fire in lithium batteries. Last year, a Harvard team for the first time invented a nonflammable fluid battery that could store power at the grid level in an external tank. The MIT researchers have published a paper that uses solid replacement liquids as electrolytes to improve the safety of lithium-ion batteries.Lithium Electric Scooters

High-efficiency lithium-ion batteries are the most needed for consumer electronics, electric vehicles and grid energy reserves. However, the energy density, power density and cycle number of lithium-ion batteries have been greatly improved in the past 20 years, but the safety of the batteries is still an important hidden problem. When the battery is in extreme condition, the battery's high energy density can enhance its positive reaction ability.Lithium Electric Scooters