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Lithium Electric Scooters Characteristics
Sep 29, 2017

The original scooter has been handmade in an industrialized city. A common handmade scooter is a wheel loaded with a skateboard at the bottom of a board, then a handle, a leaner body, or a simple pivot connected by a second board to manipulate the direction, made of wood, There are 3-4 inch (75-100 mm) wheels and steel ball bearings. Another "advantage" of this structure is that the noise is great, like a "real" car. Another structure is a metal skates into two parts before and after the middle of the connection by the wooden beams.Lithium Electric Scooters

Electric scooter features: skateboard with anti-fissure, anti-deformation, anti-alpine, very wear-resistant characteristics, strengthen the aluminum bracket and base, not easy to break, skateboard surface printed with colored patterns. Skateboarding body twist and move forward, do not need to use the foot to slide, can do a variety of fancy changes in action, with the torsion movement, can achieve significant weight-loss effect, can enhance personal balance of entertainment fitness activities.Lithium Electric Scooters

Electric scooter Advantages: the appearance is very stylish, very small, is to bring the bus no problem, if you go around in their own or go outside to play is a very good small leisure transport, mainly to carry is very convenient. Electric scooter performance is good.Lithium Electric Scooters

Electric scooter car inexpensive, very save energy, charge 6 hours of electricity ride more than 20 kilometers, the maximum speed of up to 32 meters, which for any age (> 12 years old) friends is definitely a very suitable choice; Compared with the electric bike, it is handsome in appearance, easy to operate, but also because the seat center of gravity is low, driving more secure. Therefore, the electric scooter has been very popular in foreign countries, in recent years began to appear in the country. It is expected that in the near future, electric scooters will become a popular trend, and is bound to set off a trend of energy conservation.Lithium Electric Scooters