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Introduction To The Pressure Of The Gasoline Scooters
Oct 25, 2017

When air passes through a pipe into the engine, as the air velocity in the pipe increases, pressure reduction, between the float room and pipe formation pressure difference, fuel in the role of pressure difference, from the float room, through the main hole, the main nozzle spray (when the air flow rate is about 25 times times the fuel flow rate, so was crushed into a small oil droplets, and increase atomization in the flow. Fuel and air contact surface is more and more large, forming a gas can be mixed gas.Gasoline Scooters

When we understand the principle of the carburetor, is conducive to learning and in practice to really master the carburetor. We drive, if the car is broken some things can let the master repair, but they want to understand the truth, this is conducive to the use of the car in the process of their own correct operation and play to the extreme. Only a better understanding of its principles can be better harnessed.Gasoline Scooters

Directly increase the amount of fuel supply: the general setting of the starting and thickening of the hole, the oil system can only be in the engine starting condition when the function, once starting the oil system must be closed as soon as possible, will lead to excessive oil supply, causing the engine speed instability, exhaust fumes smoke; therefore, the disadvantage of the carburetor used in this structure is that the starting and thickening device is generally more complex, The advantage is: conducive to start. It is through a complex structure of the electric starting and thickening to achieve the start of the oil, starting after the 3min internal shutdown; It is through the start of a strong plunger to achieve the start of the oil supply, start the closure of the effect.Gasoline Scooters

Small air intake: The general setting has the starting resistance damper, including the automatic resistance throttle type and the manual resistance damper type. The starting device has the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation, so it is used by most gasoline engines. However, because its principle is to reduce the intake, structural size design is more complex, it is difficult to achieve the best ideal starting mixture requirements, therefore, the structure of the starting effect is poor, In particular, the engine under the hot and cold operating conditions of the start is difficult to take into account, in addition, the user in the process of the use of the throttle open, shut, micro-open, Half-open.Gasoline Scooters