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Introduction Of EPA Engine
Jun 28, 2017

   An engine (engine) is a machine capable of converting other forms of energy into mechanical energy, such as an internal combustion engine (petrol engine, etc.), an external gas turbine (Stirling engine, steam engine, etc.), and electric motors. For example, the internal combustion engine usually converts chemical energy into mechanical energy. The engine is suitable for both the power generator and the whole machine including the powerplant (e.g. petrol engine, aero engine). The engine was first born in the UK, so the concept of the engine originated in English, and its original meaning was the kind of "mechanical device that produces power".EPA Engine
   The external combustion engine, which is said to have its fuel burning outside the engines, was invented by Scotland's R. Sterling in 1816, so it is also called the Stirling engine. The engine converts the heat generated by the combustion into kinetic energy, Watt's improved steam engine is a typical external combustion engine, when a large amount of coal combustion produces heat energy to heat water into a large number of steam, high-pressure will be produced, and then this high-pressure to promote mechanical work, thus completing the heat energy to the kinetic energy change. First look at one of the most common engine parameters-engine displacement. Engine displacement is the sum of the working volume of each cylinder of the engine, which is generally expressed by L. The cylinder working volume refers to the piston from the top stop point to the bottom of the sweep of the gas volume, also known as single cylinder displacement, it depends on the cylinder diameter and piston stroke. Engine displacement is a very important engine parameters, it is more than the cylinder diameter and the number of cylinders to represent the size of the engine, many of the engine indicators are closely related to the exhaust volume. In general, the larger the displacement, the greater the output power of the engine.EPA Engine
    Understand the displacement, and then see the other common parameters of the engine. Many junior car friends are reflected often in the automobile data engine in a column to see "L4", "V6", "V8", "W12" and other words, want to find out what the meaning. These all indicate the arrangement of engine cylinders and the number of cylinders. automobile engine commonly used cylinder number has 3 cylinder, 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, 8 cylinder, 10 cylinder, 12 cylinder and so on.EPA Engine