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HOW To Choose EEC Electric Scooters
Jun 02, 2017

    Electric scooter to buy methods and Raiders, electric scooters is the traditional skateboarding after the slide movement of another new product form. In large cities and even the whole of China, traffic jams, haze, PM2.5 has become one of the first problems of people headaches. More and more people began to pay attention to environmental protection, health and efficient means of transport, electric scooters for its energy saving, portable, environmentally friendly, easy to operate, fast and so on, in a variety of transportation tools occupy a place.

    So how to buy electric scooter correctly?EEC Electric Scooters

    First, the motor: electric scooters generally use wheel motor. Wheel motor is divided into solid wheel motor and hollow hub motor. In the electric scooter this product above, because the motor brakes are in the rear wheel, so manufacturers may be based on this consideration, the basic are the use of solid tires. The use of solid tire motor, can provide a powerful power output, while its maintenance-free stronger.

    Second, the speed: Many people think that the speed of electric scooters, of course, the sooner the better, it is not. Electric scooter as an electric drive vehicle, the best speed should be 20km / h this. Less than the speed of the actual role of difficult to play, more than this speed but will bring security risks. Scooter body is relatively simple, when the emergency situation when the high speed of the speed easily lead to rollovers, collision and other dangerous. In addition, according to the national electric bicycle standard and scientific speed limit design, the rated speed should be about 20km / h.EEC Electric Scooters

   High-end electric scooters generally have non-zero start device, non-zero start design, is the need to use the foot on the ground to help, so that the car move up, then hook the accelerator to complete the start. This design is to prevent the novice can not safely control the speed. Should choose the speed of 20km / h is better.

    Third, the weight: only the volume as small as possible, light weight as light as possible in order to facilitate the use of users in the bus and subway. This is especially important for women users. Many electric scooters have folding function, folding can be portable, in the purchase of this design should also be particularly concerned about, or buy back the electric scooter may become idle items.EEC Electric Scooters

    Fourth, the battery: the current electric scooters on the market mainly use two batteries, of which the majority of lead-acid batteries. (1) lead-acid batteries (2) lithium batteries.

    5, seismic capacity: shock is in order to go through the bumpy road, can have a better riding experience. Some electric scooters have built-in front and rear shock systems. Not the main car by the tires to shock, air tires shock effect is better, solid tire shock effect is relatively less than air tires, but the advantage is not puncture, maintenance-free strong. This can be based on personal preferences to choose. With a shock absorber system solid tire electric scooter.