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How To Buy Off Road Electric Scooters?
Jun 15, 2017

Off-road electric scooter to buy points

1. good ride, ride light and effort.

2. Quality is stable, safe and reliable.

3. size and their own body to adapt.Off Road Electric Scooters

4. Style, color and price.

5. The tightening of the screw nut should be tightened, not loose and off.

6. The rotating parts should be flexible operation, no stuck, stiff phenomenon. Such as: lift the wheel before and after the wheel should be flexible rotation, and should not appear a large left and right swing and jump up and down, lift the wheel will stop when the wheel should be able to do before and after the light swing, should not stop abruptly. Handlebar left and right rotation should be flexible and comfortable, pedal shaft and crank should be fastened, not loose between each other, and flexible rotation.Off Road Electric Scooters

7. Transmission: variable speed gear in the variable range of the strain file is correct, variable speed position should be clear, the middle shall not have a gap.

8. Chain should be flexible and flexible. Rotate the crank sprocket with the reverse direction of the hand, and the chain is flexible and can not jump and fall off.Off Road Electric Scooters

9. Saddle parts: with both hands to hold the saddle above the front and rear parts, one hand forced down the front of the saddle, saddle front can not fall. And then horizontal rotation of the saddle with both hands, the saddle should not turn.

10. Selection of the brake and brake system: hold the handlebar, both around the brake at the same time before and after the push and pull the bike, then the wheel should not turn; release the handle, the brake system should be able to quickly reset.

11. Appearance: the surface of the parts should be clean, no stains, rust, trademark decals should be complete, clear, no sharp edge burr, such as mud board and chain cover edge of the feeling of whether there is a brake, There is a protective cover.Off Road Electric Scooters

12. Observe the grade or label of the part. In general, good parts are marked with obvious markings and clear patterns.

13. The various parts of the switch action sensitive and reliable.

14. Speed stable and reliable. Slowly turn the speed control handle, the motor should be followed by a smooth start to accelerate no abnormal noise, release the handle, the handle can be quickly reset, the motor slow down evenly.

15. Brake power is fast and reliable. Turn the speed control handle, the motor is running, the brake brakes, the motor can immediately power, if the power display, you can see the voltage display back to zero.

16. Battery easy disassembly. Lead-acid battery weight is generally 13.5kg, disassembly every day, so the location of the battery must be suitable for their own body. Also, when lifting the battery, do not touch the battery contacts with metal objects such as hand or key to avoid the risk of short circuit.Off Road Electric Scooters