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Historical Development And Maintenance Criteria Of EEC Electric Scooters
Sep 19, 2017

     The history of the electric scooter, at least 100 years ago, the original scooter was already handmade in the industrialized city. A common hand-made scooter is a wheel with skates underneath a board, then a handle, which is made of wood, with a 3-4-inch (75-100-millimeter) wheel and steel ball bearing, by tilting the body or by using a rudimentary pivot connected by a second board. Another "advantage" of this structure is that the noise is very loud, like a "real" car.EEC Electric Scooters

    Another structure is to divide a metal roller skates into two parts, the middle of which is connected by a wooden beam. The technical improvement of electric scooter: From the previous single post shock absorber to double back damping, to make the ride up more comfortable, the battery can be easily disassembled, convenient for some because the car is heavy to go upstairs, increase the car seat and handlebar distance, even if the height of 1.9-meter will no longer feel the legs crowded; At the same time, the stability and service life of the motor are improved; most electric scooters use lithium battery folding, high 1.2M, wide 14cm, long 1M folding 25cm*14cm*1m, life 30 kilometers, weighing 29 kg, can be easily on the bus, subway, EMU waiting.EEC Electric Scooters

    Nurturance with the use of the habit, so that batteries often maintain the power of the state. According to the schedule to determine the length of charge, control in 4-12 hours, not long when the charge. The battery will be placed for a long time and should be fully replenished once a month. EEC Electric Scooters

    In the beginning and uphill, against the wind with the pedal to help. When charging to use a matching charger, placed in a cool ventilated place, to avoid high temperature and humidity, do not let water into the charger, to prevent an electric shock accident.EEC Electric Scooters