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EPA Engine The Sound Of
May 15, 2017

EPA engine cylinders can be summed up in the sound of the piston knock cylinder, piston pin percussion, piston top impact cylinder head, piston top impact sound, piston ring percussion, valve percussion and cylinder burst sound.

1, EPA Engine the piston top and the cylinder lid impact sound

The piston top hit the cylinder lid on the abnormal sound of "clicks" Continuous metal tapping, high speed is particularly evident. Its different noise source in the upper cylinder, its sound is solid and strong, and the cylinder lid is shaking. The main reasons are the following.

(1) EPA Engine Crankshaft bearings, connecting rod bearings and piston pin holes are severely worn, with the clearance of excessive exceeding, in the piston stroke transformation instantaneous, the piston in the inertia force, the top impact on the cylinder head.

(2) EPA Engine because of replacing the piston with other similar specifications of the piston, or fake products, its piston pin hole center line to the top of the piston is greater than the original piston, so that the piston reaches the upper stop, due to the high impact of the cylinder head.

On the way, if this kind of situation encountered, first aid is to remove the cylinder cover, plus a cylinder pad, so that the cylinder head rises without collisions. However, the repair conditions should be repaired immediately, restoring their good technical status.

2, EPA Engine the piston ring of the abnormal sound

The different rings of the piston rings mainly have the metal percussion sound, the leakage noise of the piston ring and the abnormal noise caused by excessive carbon deposition.

(1) EPA Engine The metal percussion of the piston ring. EPA engine long-term work, the cylinder wall is worn, but the upper cylinder wall and piston rings in contact with almost the original geometry and size, which makes the cylinder wall a step. If the use of the old cylinder pad or replacement of the new cylinder is thin, the piston ring in the work will be collided with the cylinder wall stairs, emitting a blunt "poof" metal hitting the sound. If the EPA engine speed rises, the abnormal sound will also increase. In addition, if the piston ring broken or piston rings and annular slot clearance too large, can also cause a larger percussion.

(2) EPA Engine The leakage noise of the piston ring. PISTON ring Elastic weakened, open clearance too large or overlapping openings, the cylinder wall pulled grooves and so on will cause the piston ring leak. The sound of a "drink" or "hiss" sound, a serious leak when the issue of "puff-puff" voice. The diagnostic method is that the EPA engine water temperature reaches 80 ℃ above the flameout, then can inject a little fresh clean oil into the cylinder, shake the crankshaft after a number of laps, restart the EPA engine, at this time if the abnormal sound disappeared, but soon after the emergence of the piston ring, can be concluded.

(3) EPA Engine Excessive carbon accumulation of abnormal noise. Excessive carbon in the cylinder, the outgoing abnormal sound is a sharp voice, because the accumulation of carbon is burned red, EPA engine ignition premature symptoms, and not easily flameout. The formation of carbon deposition in the piston ring mainly due to the piston ring and cylinder wall seal is not strict, the opening clearance is too large, piston ring loading reverse, ring mouth coincidence and other reasons, resulting in oil channeling, high temperature and high-pressure gas channeling, in the piston rings burn, resulting in the formation of carbon or even stuck piston rings, the piston ring loss elasticity and sealing General replacement specification suitable for piston rings, this failure can be excluded.