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EPA Engine Is Not Burning Properly, Are You Right?
May 31, 2017

EPA engine knock is a more common problem, a lot of friends do not understand this list, I am very confused, in fact, EPA engine knock is not complicated, as long as the reasons for the knock can be the right medicine to solve the problem. Here to bring you to analyze the reasons for the EPA engine knock, hoping to help you.

EPA engine combustion is very complex, so the need for a very accurate design and control, a little control errors or disorders, it will cause abnormal combustion, and "knock" is an abnormal combustion. Simply put, the knock is not normal combustion caused by the pressure inside the combustion chamber.

Speaking of the cause of the knock before, we must first understand two things.

First, the mixture in the combustion chamber combustion, the flame is the ignition point to "wave" way to spread around, so from the ignition to the complete combustion of oil and gas takes a short time.

Second, although the oil and gas need to ignite the spark plug, but too high temperature, high pressure environment will make oil and gas spontaneous combustion.

The general detonation is because the combustion chamber after the ignition of oil and gas, the flame has not yet fully diffuse, long-range unburned oil and gas that is due to high temperature or high pressure and spontaneous combustion, the flame and the normal combustion of the flame hit a great pressure, making the EPA engine is not normal The percussion.

In order to allow the piston to reach the power stroke immediately after the end of the compression top dead center, the ignition is usually carried out before the piston reaches the top dead center (since it takes some time from ignition to complete combustion). And too early the ignition will make the piston is still compressed stroke, most of the oil and gas has been burning, when the unburned oil and gas will withstand great pressure spontaneous combustion, resulting in knocking.

EPA engine in the combustion chamber excessive carbon deposition, in addition to the compression ratio will increase (resulting in high pressure), will also produce high temperature hot spots in the carbon deposition, the EPA engine knock.

EPA engine in the hot environment makes the intake air temperature is too high, or EPA engine cooling water cycle is bad, will cause the EPA engine high temperature and knock.

Too lean fuel air mixing ratio, will make the combustion temperature increase, and the combustion temperature will increase the EPA engine temperature increase, of course, easy to knock.