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EPA Certification For Petrol Engines
Aug 21, 2017

              Preliminary work of EPA certification project process? Apply the manufacturer's code (need to cooperate with the factory) Identify the contact person? Prepare product information (need to cooperate with the factory) and to test the small engine (need to cooperate with the manufacturer)? Submit Application * Product information including product technical information, contact person, need to be certified gasoline engine model, serial number, such as confidential please indicate that "trade secrets."EPA Engine

              EPA director: Diesel/petrol engine equipment, retail car parts, gas, water treatment equipment, drinking water, pesticides and other testing and certification. EPA Audit process EPA needs 30 days (minimum time) to review the submitted material to determine if it meets its requirements. As part of the review process, the EPA will determine whether additional information is required and/or whether validation testing is required. * In the process, if there is a problem or need to submit additional information, the EPA will contact the manufacturer contact person. This process takes longer.EPA Engine

              If compliance with EPA requirements, the EPA will issue a certificate of compliance once the EPA has established compliance with the regulatory requirements, the certificate will be issued to the engine family. The valid day that is listed on the certificate is the date on which the certificate covers the engine can be introduced into business. The certificate expires at the end of the production or the December 31 of the specified type year to see which date is earlier. In most cases, the date on which the certificate is valid is the date on which the certificate is issued.EPA Engine