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Electric Vehicle Classification
Mar 01, 2017

Electric vehicles classified according to the number and structure-type tires: electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric unicycle, electric four wheelers, electric tricycle, electric scooters according to power source: pure electric vehicles, increasing program of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles.

Manner as electricity can be divided into two categories, first, connect the external power supply to get power, the other is fuel cells, energy storage devices (for example, storage batteries, ultracapacitors) such as electricity.

Categorized by drive: electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles (series, parallel, mixed), fuel cell electric vehicles.

Divides according to the shape, can be divided into electric unicycle, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric tricycle, electric four wheelers.

By end-use category: electric vehicle electric tricycle motor bike (can compare bikes);

Electric motorcycle, electric truck, electric patrol car, folding car, surf car, travel car, motorcycle, wheelchair stroller, beach car, sliding Dray, electric balance car, and electric sightseeing car, electric golf car, electric sanitation car, electric bus, electric police, electric forklift, magnetic train, electric handling car, electric tractor, electric track car, electric power car, electric garbage car, electric leisure car, electric burning help car, electric master car, light of lithium tram, and other solar electric,. In addition, a safe electric car, electric cars, antifreeze ' security wall electric cars and so on.

Configuration: electric bicycle is by the battery, power wheels, controllers, Chargers four pieces and body parts.