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Electric Scooters Performance
Jun 02, 2017

     Short trip smart travel, what brand of electric scooter is better

     Into the micro-electric vehicle industry background is derived from the future population of the city rising, personal use of car travel in the past few years the vigorous development of the automotive industry background, has been in the domestic first-tier cities tend to saturation, travel difficult, parking is difficult, the existing traffic The system has been difficult to bear, so we are optimistic about the future of the city's personal short-distance travel diversified product demand. And according to our research, the existing micro-electric car market dragon snake mixed, is still in its infancy, the industry has not appeared in the international leading brand. The use of green energy intelligent and environmentally friendly personal transport. To provide users with portable fashion smart green and green and efficient energy as one of the portable personal travel and green energy use experience.Electric Scooters

    Evaluation of a micro-electric car, you can generally from the appearance, power, security, portable four aspects to consider, there is a final consideration, that is, whether it can fully meet your needs. From the appearance, the electric scooter industry is indeed the existence of public model, carbon fiber lightweight scooter products. One is the assembly of public model products, the basic is the tire + motor + control + motherboard + shock absorber combination.

    From the design, our design is completely original, different.Electric Scooters

    Power, equipped with super battery by our own research and development, equipped with two super batteries, each super battery can run 18 km, each battery weighs less than 1kg. Tesla with the import of batteries, IP65 waterproof, dust, explosion. 2 hours speed fast charge technology, 1 hour can be filled with 70%. BMS smart battery management system, built-in smart chips and microprocessors, support hot swap, plug life expectancy in more than 5000 times. Super battery also enhances the structure of protection, with intelligent protection system, intelligent over-temperature protection, dual over-current over-voltage security interface protection, and over-current, short circuit, power protection.

   Real-time intelligent self-test, monitoring battery safety. To ensure that the battery high performance, intelligence and security. Super battery can be removed at any time replacement, low power does not need to wait for charging, replace the battery can be full of blood resurrection. Usually the charge can be removed from the super battery, through the battery holder charging; can also be connected through the traditional method of car charging.Electric Scooters

    In terms of safety, the handle height is adjustable to meet the different needs of adults and children for riding height. 3S intelligent speed control system can be full real-time intelligent speed control, so start, brake and acceleration and deceleration experience more stable. Both the hollow tire shock absorption effect and solid tire free and explosion-proof effect, front and rear wheels are equipped with a total of four shock absorbers (before and after the four shock), greatly reducing the barrier of the bumps. Rear wheel independent hanging steering technology, with 40 ° corner design to ensure that the corner will not be because of the angle is too large and rollover.

   Portable, can be any deformation. Anytime, anywhere for the bag assistant, the liberation of hands, save time and effort! You can easily carry out any indoor and outdoor places, but also to bring the subway and aircraft.