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Electric Scooters Difference
May 15, 2017

Electric Scooters Difference between electric scootElectric Scooters Energy source difference. This difference is believed that most people can think of the first time, light from the name can be seen, electric sightseeing cars, electric patrol cars are used for electric power, while ordinary er and ordinary fuel truck

I. fuel vehicles used gasoline. Because of the different sources of energy, so they use different ways, such as electric sightseeing cars, electric patrol cars are generally used for the daytime, at night charging the savings energy, ordinary fuel cars need to refuel in time!

Second, Electric Scooters the working status of the car difference. When ordinary fuel trucks are still in need of petrol, for example, when waiting for tourists to get on the bus, you are unlikely to let the car stall, because this time is uncertain, perhaps a few minutes may be a few 10 minutes, electric cars are not the same, electric cars are not afraid of flameout, so it can stop completely, and will not start like ordinary fuel car will take a long time. In addition, some electric vehicles with battery boards, in the car when the sun, if there is a waiting side to recharge.

Electric Scooters III. Emission differences. The ordinary fuel truck is petrol because of energy. Therefore, the emissions will contain a lot of exhaust gases, these exhaust gas has a very bad impact on air pollution, especially in scenic spots, the air quality in large cities is very low because of the burning of the car is too much oil, exhaust emissions exceeds the balance of nature. Electric vehicles without emissions, green environmental protection, will not have any adverse effects on the environment, scenic spots and tourists are also a protection.

Electric Scooters What is the advantage of electric scooter?

1, Electric Scooters Folding Portable

Electric scooter generally looks relatively small and stylish, generally less than a meters easy to carry. Electric scooters can be folded and folded up to a small area of easy portability. For office workers, can go out of the time to ride an electric scooter to the bus station car, then on the bus can be folded to carry, to work when the elevator trunk can be put.

2. Electric Scooters Power adequacy

Electric scooters do not need to rely on the waist force twist and foot push to push the skateboard glide, but use power as energy, battery capacity. Electric scooter Batteries In addition to the capacity of large power motors, can ensure that the scooter can be long time, strong power and climbing ability.

3. Electric Scooters High Security

The electric scooter is relatively compact and the commuters can fold up and put them in the office after they arrive at the workplace. The acceleration and braking device of the electric scooter is manual control, and if the danger can be operated directly, it is possible to reduce the risk of occurrence in comparison with the skateboard. But pay attention to the reasonable speed.