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Electric Scooters Anti-skid Wear
May 10, 2017

In recent years, Electric Electric Scooters   popular in Japan and Southeast Asia, currently in China, it has become a hot trend of the product. Some people take it as a short distance means of transport, some people take it as a leisure sports products, there are some business people will be placed in the trunk of the car to prepare for contingencies. In a wide range of Electric Scooters , we chose the sports has just launched the electric scooter - "viper" series, as the experience of the product, take a look at this low-key birth but the concealment of the product has what kind of performance.

One second fold true weight

 Electric scooter positioning scooter in the small wheel diameter series, the use of fashion T-type one second fold, one second open design, support the same as ordinary skateboards. Lightweight small diameter, mainly covering 0.5 ~ 2km of the use of demand, including the battery weighs only 7.78KG, the real very lightweight to the extreme, the general men and women can easily pick up, do not need to carry portable portable. Life can reach 14km, the speed of 20km / h, learning costs low. Scooter front wheels and rear wheels are used to expand the explosion of solid tires, not only better grip performance, in the anti-skid wear also has a superior performance, and the rear wheel rain shield to prevent rain water splash pants , Feel the blessing of the girls.

Electric Electric Scooters  using aluminum alloy frame for the production of materials, after stamping, the characteristics of the anodized surface treatment, compression deformation is very strong. The height of the handlebar is fixed directly, only need to easily pull the handle can be folded up, while the bottom of the lock pull, easy to lift the body can be put down, parallel folding 90 ° body, making T to the quality and stability. "Electric scooter" for the cylindrical frame, support 360 turn.

Electric Electric Scooters  on both sides of the handle are used in pieces spiral design, very good assembly, hand feel like a soft suit sponge anti-slip molding design, easy to sweat for the user, the advantage is not easy to hand slip off, feel Non-stick is not dry, grasping hands feel good, ease the vibration of the road function shock function. Left and right side of the card design, the left black for the brakes, the right red for the throttle controller, with the thumb to master the throttle. Red button for the lights switch, the following for the power charging jack, jack with insulated rubber plug protection, effective wet water. Electric scooter handle the top with a round anti-scratch design LED display, the main display speed and power instructions, when the car does not move when the direct zero, in the evening can clearly see the speed, in order to help, In the speed to remind.

In addition, the handle below the front with a long round lights, at night is very translucent, can clearly illuminate the road.

Electric scooter in the foot pedal also took a special treatment, the edge of the aluminum alloy design, printed in front of the "viper" word, which is the electric scooter series name, cool to burst there is no. In addition, the "electric scooter" in the middle of the use of black matte material, enhanced foot slippage, an increase in the safety factor on the start. Most of the foot pedals are single feet, feet and discharge is difficult, only one after the other, that is because the speed for the speed increase stability, to ensure that will not roll.