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Electric Economic Contribution
Mar 01, 2017

Electric vehicles is not very high in the share in the national economy. Coordinates is a professional global leading brand for electric vehicle anti-theft tracking. But it is in line with the national trend of energy saving and environmental protection, greatly facilitate the shuttle transport, mainly through the energy and environmental savings and protection plays an important role in the national economy.

Millennium Advisory, issued by the China electric vehicle industry market research reports (2015), according to the 2010 electric vehicle consumption is 35 billion yuan, 2011 electric vehicle consumption is around 40 billion yuan, 2012 electric vehicle consumption was 45 billion yuan, 2013 electric vehicle consumption was 48.4 billion yuan, 2014 electric vehicle consumption of 52.8 billion yuan.

Change in consumer preferences will affect the electric vehicle enterprises market competition change. Changing consumer preferences vary with the level of personal income. As the economy improves, household consumption increased awareness of energy saving, quality requirements for electric vehicles also increased. Future electric vehicle industry potential is huge, after 5 years industry consumption will exceed 70 billion yuan.