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Electric Cars To Buy
Mar 01, 2017

First is the face. When you identify a brand or after a car, the first thing, of course, is an appearance issue. Paint technology and the level of direct impact on first glance of this car. Paint materials contains primer, paint and varnish. Different brands of paint directly affect the final result. Of course, we had no way of knowing when the car vehicle-specific paint brand, but we can paint effect to determine paint quality. Good paint, permeability of the surface brightness, color deep nature, there should be no uneven color, color blocks and large pits or bumps. Applique craft flat paint covered evenly. Sun, paint colors and bright color, shade, paint color, rich texture.

Followed by Yuriko. Vehicle's structure is simple, basic unit is frame, plastic parts, shock-absorbing, batteries, controllers, motors. Is key to the quality of the frame, many users do not care too much about frame of quality, because it is difficult to observe. But the frame directly determines the quality of the vehicle safety performance, we provide several methods of authentication frame. First observation vehicle level of welding plastic parts inside the frame, if there is a false situation of soldering, unsoldering, description frame quality is not ideal.

Damping is the key component of comfort, it is divided into before and after shock and shock absorption. Before the shock there are a number of ways, here's a common way, ride on electric cars, fast speeds up to maximum, and then all of a sudden brakes front, front shock absorber because of its own inertia will compression immediately, then hold the lever body with shock under hard pressure, perceived shock if shock, indicating poor damping effect, shock absorbing qualities do not cross the border before.

The choice of battery is also very important, good battery can significantly reduce late consumer use as well as maintenance costs. Batteries into lead-acid and lithium-ion battery, great difference in prices of different brands of batteries, lithium batteries, more different categories, contrast a second battery battery price disparities.