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EEC Electric Scooters So That New Energy Health, Rapid Development
May 10, 2017

EEC Electric EEC Electric Scooters The city more and more congested, regardless of driving a taxi is a big twists and turns, in order to solve the middle of a few kilometers, hard and brave people of the world brains, come up with a lot of chivalry.

Electric skateboard is one of the most people fancy short-distance means of transport. Up to now, many teams have been involved in this field, trying to explore a product that meets the needs of contemporary people.

When the emergence of electric EEC Electric Scooters, to resolve people on the "last mile" of sorrow. But the good times are not long, with the recent police uncle a paper ticket, all this beautiful are vanished.

In the provisions, whether it is electric scooter or balance car, in fact, neither a motor vehicle is not a non-motor vehicle, only a taxi tool. As a taxi tool, it does not have the right, only in that closed area or not open to the public use.

Then the mechanical structure and the principle of braking, electric EEC Electric Scooters and electric bicycles (pedal) and there is no essential difference, why to the electric scooter here, was blocked it?

One, speeding, brake is not working, like life like a trifle

If we from the body and brake the principle of the point of view, indeed electric bicycles and electric EEC Electric Scooters and no difference, it can be said that electric EEC Electric Scooters is a reduced version of electric bicycles. However, the electric scooter was blocked the key point is the pet size of the pet.

Typically, the electric bicycle wheel diameter of about 35-60cm, electric scooter wheel diameter of 20cm. According to the "electric bicycle general technical conditions" provides that the maximum speed of electric bicycles 20km / h, the dry braking distance should not be greater than 4 m, wet braking distance should not be greater than 15 m.

However, because the electric skate wheel size is small, the brake friction coefficient is small. In the detection of 20 products in Beijing Consumers Association, there are 11 samples of the braking distance of more than 8m, and even some products in the 30km speed braking distance reached 9.9m.

Through the electric scooter so "amazing braking performance", in fact, buried for the safety of the road, but also the user to develop a new "road killer."

Second, do not have the right, no industry standard accident difficult to be responsible

In addition to its own design flaws, according to the traffic control department, including the one-wheeled body car, two-wheeled vehicles, including electric balance cars and electric EEC Electric Scooters and other means of transport, neither in line with China's motor vehicle safety standards, Of the product catalog. In the traffic laws and regulations, the main body of responsibility only: pedestrians, non-motor vehicles, three motor vehicles, electric EEC Electric Scooters are "four or six do not rely on", so once the accident is difficult to define the responsibility.

Illuminate the electric scooter with the policy tomorrow

With the small size, stylish electric scooter has gradually become the darling of the market, sales also showed a blowout growth. So in the use of many groups, just by virtue of a paper can be low-speed electric car into the limbo? It is obviously not fit. With its utilitarian prohibition, as soon as possible the introduction of electric EEC Electric Scooters, balance the safety standards. So that manufacturers targeted, in order to make the market sales of electric EEC Electric Scooters, balancers really solve the demand for people's travel, and will not cause serious harm. In this regard, may wish to review the way the electric car, from the original chaotic situation, to the introduction of the current national standards, electric cars have gradually found their own position, to be limited in the city on the road.

For the management, should be judged and found the problem as soon as possible, a rainy day as soon as possible to develop electric EEC Electric Scooters and other new means of transport national standard, the speed, braking capacity to make clear, the rules stand in the head. For regulators, how to balance security needs and application requirements, is the key to achieving humane management.

Overall, whether it is electric scooter, electric balance car or low-speed elderly scooter, for the current stage of China's electric car early stage, is still blocking the overall development of new energy stumbling block. New energy is not a green slogan derived from the new things, but also will be convenient, safe, economic, environmental protection and overall balance of national travel to upgrade a new way. Policy guidance, car enterprise technology innovation, the rational use of consumers, only to have a virtuous circle in order to make new energy healthy and rapid development.