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Do You Really Pick A Lithium Electric Scooter?
Jun 15, 2017

     More and more lithium electric scooters on the market, the price more and more close to the people, but for the majority of unknown truth of the melon viewers, how to choose a suitable lithium electric scooter or a look of their own. I am in the lithium electric scooter this industry for nearly three years, most of the market scooters have tried to ride experience, and some manufacturers have been communicating, and the terminal customers have some in-depth contact, in this to provide you with the purchase Lithium electric scooters some suggestions to prevent everyone accidentally into the pit.

First, according to their own needs to choose Lithium Electric Scooters

     Lithium electric scooters are small means of transport, but also have their own limitations, the current market, most of the scooters to promote lightweight, portable, but really not much. The pursuit of any function of the extreme, all means another compromise of the function. If you pursue a higher battery life, means that the battery capacity is large, the vehicle weight will certainly not light. If you pursue a portable, it means that the body will be as small as possible, riding comfort is not so high. So, before you buy a scooter, first understand their own use, is the need to lightly carry the product, or need to ride a comfortable product, or the need for different appearance of the product. Please keep in mind one, no one product is light, comfortable, and run away. If you understand this, then the following just like to introduce, for each need, how to choose the configuration.Lithium Electric Scooters

   Second, the number of mileage running more appropriate?Lithium Electric Scooters

   High life is a business advocate a point, especially online publicity more dazzling. First we want to see how big the battery is. Then we figured out its theoretical life. 36V1AH about 3km, 48V1AH about 4km, 52V1AH about 4.5km, 60V1AH about 5km (for reference only in the upper battery quality industry estimates 8% accurate, does not represent the actual weight, temperature, wind speed, air pressure, road conditions, riding habits Will affect life.)

As an ordinary consumer, I recommend the purchase of mileage in about 30km, the mainstream lithium electric scooters are in this interval. The price will be more moderate, but also to meet the needs of short distance travel.

If you are on behalf of the master, then you require mileage is definitely not less than 50km, although the battery is big, the price will be more expensive, but this is, after all, you create a tool for driving outside the block, mileage is not enough will affect your Single number, so this point is very important.Lithium Electric Scooters