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Disc Brakes Have A Stable Braking Effect
May 31, 2017

Disc brake with hydraulic type, by the hydraulic control, the main parts of the brake disc, sub-pump, brake caliper, tubing and so on. Disc brakes fast heat, light weight, simple structure, easy to adjust. Especially when the high load resistance to high temperature performance, braking effect is stable, and not afraid of mud water invasion, in the winter and bad road traffic, a lot of cars used disc brakes have a flat brake disc, perforated brake disc and plan Line brake disc, in which the brake wheel brake effect and ventilation and cooling capacity are better.

Disc brake along the brake disc to the force, the brake shaft from bending moment, radial size is small.

When the disc brake is braked, the oil is pressed into the inner and outer wheels, and the piston is pressed against the brake disc by the hydraulic action, resulting in friction torque and braking. At this point, the wheel cylinder groove in the rectangular rubber seal edge of the piston friction in the role of a small amount of elastic deformation. When the brake is released, the piston and the brake block are returned by the elastic force of the seal and the spring's elasticity. As the rectangular seal edge deformation is very small, without braking, the friction between the disc and the disc side of each side only about 0.1mm, it is sufficient to ensure the release of the brake. And because the brake disc heat expansion, the thickness of only a small amount of change, it will not happen "stagnation" phenomenon. Rectangular rubber seals in addition to the role of sealing, but also play a piston back and automatically adjust the gap. If the friction between the friction plate and the disc of the brake block is increased, the piston can continue to move until the friction plate presses the brake disc when the deformation of the seal ring reaches the limit during braking. After lifting the brake, the rectangular rubber seal will push the piston back to the same distance before wear, still maintain the standard value.