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Disc Brakes
Aug 21, 2017

              Disc brakes, also known as disc brakes, are named after their shape. It is controlled by hydraulic, the main parts have brake disc, pump, brake clamp, tubing and so on. The brake disc is made of alloy steel and fixed on the wheel and rotates with the wheel.Disc Brake

              Disc brakes have hydraulic type, by hydraulic control, the main components have brake disc, pump, brake clamp, tubing and so on. Disc brakes have fast heat dissipation, light weight, simple structure and convenient adjustment. In particular, high temperature resistance performance is good, braking effect is stable, and not afraid of muddy water invasion, in the winter and bad road traffic, many cars used disc brakes have flat-type brake disc, perforated brake disc and crossed-type brake disc, in which the line-type brake disc brake effect and ventilation and heat dissipation ability are better.

              Disc brakes have been widely used in cars, but in addition to a number of high-performance cars used in all the wheels, mostly used only as front-wheel brakes, and with the rear wheel drum brakes, with a view to the car has a higher braking direction stability. In the truck, disc brakes are also used, but there is a considerable distance from the popularity.

              1. Brake disc Diameter: Brake disc diameter d should be as large as possible, then the effective radius of the brake disc is increased, can reduce the clamping force of the brake clamp, reduce the unit pressure and working temperature of the lining. By the diameter of the rim, the diameter of the brake disc is usually selected as 70% 79% of the rim diameter. Cars with a total mass greater than 2t should take the upper limit.Disc Brake

              2. Brake Disc Thickness: Brake disc thickness on the brake disc quality and working temperature rise has an effect. In order to make the quality smaller, the brake disc thickness should not be very large, to reduce the temperature, brake disc thickness should not have been too small. The brake disc can be into, or in order to ventilate the need in the middle of the brake disc to cast vent. Generally, the thickness of the solid brake disc is preferable to 10-20mm, and the thickness of the ventilated brake disc is 20~50mm, and the 20-30mm is used more. Under the high speed movement emergency braking, the brake disc will form the heat distortion, produces the trembling. In order to improve the heat dissipation performance of brake disc friction surface, most of the brake disc is made into an intermediate hollow ventilation brake disc, which can reduce the brake disc temperature by 20%~30%.Disc Brake