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Advantages Of Electric Scooter
Aug 21, 2017

            Electric scooter Features: Skateboard with anti-fission, resistant to deformation, cold, very wear and so on, strengthen the aluminum alloy bracket and base, not easy to break, the surface of the skateboard has a variety of exquisite patterns. Skateboard reliable body twist and forward, do not need to push the foot, can do a variety of flower-style movements, with twisting waist movement, can achieve significant slimming effect, can enhance the balance of the individual ability of the recreational fitness activities.Electric Scooters

            Electric scooter by frame, wheel, battery, braking system, lighting system, instrument panel and other parts, a 36V 8A lithium battery Portable electric Scooter's net weight is about 15 kg, folding after the length of the general will not exceed 1.2 meters, the height of not more than 50 centimeters, can be hand-held, can also be placed in the trunk. Self-balance car by wheel, pedal, motor, battery, brake and other decorative and various electronic chips, a 72V 2 a lithium battery wheelbarrow weighing about 12 kilograms, the appearance of similar size to a small car tires. Overall, the single wheel self balance car in the appearance of more compact, slightly lighter weight, although the single wheel balance car in the power of the request under the need for manual handling, but added to the design of a single wheel self balance car is better to solve the problem.Electric Scooters

            Both the electric scooter and the single wheel self balanced vehicle belong to non motor vehicles without additional safety devices, in theory is only allowed low-speed driving in the Non-motorized road, how to Strictly hold the Austrian design speed normal use, electric scooter and the wheelbarrow will play a low center of gravity, light weight advantages for users to create a more safe and convenient travel experience.Electric Scooters