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Advanced Technology Application Of Gasoline Scooters
Nov 03, 2017

A motor scooter is a pneumatic control valve that uses the air pressure generated by impact or rotation to move or work as a vehicle to propel the scooter. Is the use of impact or rotation of air pressure generated by the movement or work of pneumatic control valve to promote the motion of the scooter.Gasoline Scooters 

Check to confirm the proper start-up condition of the water pump, the parameters of DCs are normal. 505 Control power supply. Steam turbine heat pipe to the main steam door, exhaust steam electric valve after draining water, steam pipe hydrophobic are open, exhaust steam electric valve after hydrophobic closure, before the open water.Gasoline Scooters

Check and adjust the water pump bearings, packing water normal, water pump, steam turbine oil level is normal, steam turbine lubricating water cooling credentials of oil temperature appropriate adjustment (control 50 ℃). Check 505 panel Speed given a value of 0, (if not 0, press "emergency shutdown" and then "reset" root). Confirm the steam pump operation Normal, open the pump outlet electric valve, turn off the water supply again cycle two times valve. Check the water supply again cycle a valve open state, credential water pressure to open the water supply and then reincarnation two times valve, close to the pump outlet electric valve.Gasoline Scooters

Scooter speed can reach 20 km/h, this new type of products from the world's advanced science and Technology of Japan, but is a German worker invented, it is a simple labor-saving sports machinery. At least 100 years ago, the original scooter was already handmade in industrialized cities.Gasoline Scooters 

A common hand-made scooter is a wheel with skates underneath a board, then a handle, which is made of wood, with a 3-4-inch (75-100-millimeter) wheel and steel ball bearing, by tilting the body or by using a rudimentary pivot connected by a second board. Another "advantage" of this structure is that the noise is very loud, like a "real" car. Another structure is to divide a metal roller skates into two parts, the middle of which is connected by a wooden beam.Gasoline Scooters