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Service life of the battery
Mar 01, 2017

The battery is a chemical, which also have a certain life, such as dry-cell batteries (including ordinary alkaline batteries), a battery is not charging, service life of course only once. For the rechargeable batteries, we generally charge cycles to measure the length of the service life. Nickel-cadmium battery cycle life in 300~700 times, number of rechargeable Ni-MH battery for the 400~1000 time, lithium-ion battery for the 500~800 time. Rechargeable battery service life must be made using raw materials, production processes, and other factors influence, and are closely connected with battery charge and discharge and the actual use of it. For example, someone began in 1985 with 6 nickel cadmium batteries, have also continued to use only battery capacity decrease. It seems that as long as the use is reasonable, rechargeable battery is even much higher than the nominal service life.