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Electric vehicle features styles
Mar 01, 2017

1. Standard type: this type of electric motor power 150W, is characterized by simple and smooth, continue the mileage 40~50km, easy, affordable, priced at around 2000~2600, suitable for long distance to and from work, work, life has some mobility of users.

2. Function type: this type of electric car General is based on the standard front fork suspension, saddle seat shock absorbers, headlight, electric Horn, it features features more riding comfort, night-time use is also more convenient. Price is generally about 2500~3000 Yuan.

3. Luxury: this type of electric car design are the characteristics of new luxury and more, usually additional dashboard on the handlebar, to display speed, distance, voltage, power, and some are equipped with turn signals, language tips, mirrors, Toolbox, safety nets, etc. Usually at 3000~3400 Yuan.