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Electric vehicle battery problem summary
Mar 01, 2017

1, the imbalance.

Capacity and voltage differences. Is often a seriously lagging.

FIX: change, but not new.

2, water loss.

Charge. Reasons for not balancing, the charger.

FIX: water (distilled water).

3, curing.

Less charge. Causes water loss, chargers.

FIX: 0.01-0.02C little pulse.

4, softening.

Caused by high current charge and discharge.

FIX: deep discharge, using 0.2-0.5C pulse current charge up again.

5, off.

Later is inevitable.

FIX: none.

6, short circuit, open circuit.

Caused severe sulfide, shedding, and later life.

FIX: replace the battery.