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Causes premature electric car battery life
Mar 01, 2017

Why does your electric car battery produces short-lived for premature? Small series of collected points, may help premature battery failure causes cognitive to everyone:

1, owners of maintenance culture without the battery, battery damage sulfide. Not battery run no repair and maintenance, and difficult to repair. 6-month maintenance time, lifetime natural extension of many, but the owner did not have the consciousness. Battery damage, mostly starting from the charger lead to excessive water loss.

2, the charger is the killer. Bad charger charger with aging, these killers generally batteries 8 months later, playing a killer role. The reason, killer taste in line with these batteries new battery, as the battery ages, the battery cannot meet the killer demanded, to June each year, rapid battery loss scrap deformation.

3, a luxury electric car start-up current, cause sulfide. If the owner to start the car, slow speed, battery life and range of natural 20%.

4motor controller is damaged, resulting in short-lived batteries. Probability is small, but there are many.

5, riding not to lose electricity, natural long life. New batteries can charge above the red light is used at a time, but you cannot lose. Lack of electricity, life is less 10 times the new battery was soon scrapped, to recharge to avoid losses.

6, the most important thing is to be a reasonable charge: some say "not bad but bad filling of the storage battery", this argument really have its correctness. Battery performance for battery life and performance played an important role, so must pay attention to the charging mode. According to the situation of the vast majority of users, the best you can choose 50%-70% when the battery depth of discharge as the best on a single charge, so that battery life to achieve the best results. Meanwhile, the considerable influence of the temperature on the charge. In the hot season, battery charging problem. Should try to reduce the battery temperature, to ensure good heat dissipation to prevent charging on sun exposure, sun exposure will make the battery temperature increases, batteries of various active substances activity increased, affecting battery life. In contrast, cold case, battery, charging lack of charge acceptance of difference, in that case, it must extend the charge voltage and charge time, insulation freeze and taken measures so as to ensure sufficient electricity, extending battery life.